Equipment Maintenance & QC

HemaComply–Equipment Manager

HemaComply-Equipment Manager addresses the full spectrum of equipment needsQC, asset calibration schedules, and maintenance schedules that vary on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. Dashboards make it easy to monitor assets and potential service issues in real-time, providing transparency at all levels. HemaComply–Equipment Manager integrates with other InVita products for greater control.


  • Carries out high-volume maintenance demands so schedules are met, alerts are acted upon, and compliance is upheld. 
  • Provides equipment performance by location, collection operation, region or enterprise.
  • Tablet design enables test results to be entered and tasks performed at the equipment location.
  • Checks in and tracks reagents to use in QC tasks.
Simplifies Oversight
User-friendly dashboards simplify oversight and monitoring daily QC, preventive maintenance and asset calibration tasks.
Monitor in Real Time
Optimizes equipment operation and manages daily QC, asset calibration schedules on any frequency and multiple QC tests.
Tablet-ready Daily QC
Teams can enter equipment test results onsite and from a tablet for real-time reporting throughout an organization's operations.

Integrates With Our Other Products for Greater Operational Control

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HemaConnect is the market-leading donor recruitment and engagement CRM and the only recruitment CRM for convalescent plasma.
Staffing & Mobile Drives
HemaCollect's go-anywhere flexibility keeps staff, schedules, collection locations, and regions up-to-date.
Hospital Orders & Inventory
HemaControl's world-class system displays order status and delivery tracking to hospital blood banks or another facility.
Blood Product Quality Control
HemaComply–Lab makes guidance compliance easier and supports LVDS, Pathogen Reduction, and 7-day platelets.
Tablet design enables test results to be recorded and tasks performed at the equipment site.

Used by 600+ hospitals, health systems, blood and plasma centers