Product Quality Control


A complete product quality control systemHemaComply–Lab makes it easy to build, track and monitor QC Plans in real-time while removing the need for data entry. Adding organization and structure to the QC and platelet manufacturing process, it’s easy to comply with guidance requirements and best practices. HemaComply–Lab integrates with other InVita products for greater operational control.


  • Streamlines and standardizes the platelet qualification process with configurable production tiers and volume reduction capabilities. 
  • Supports the detection of bacterial contaminants, large volume, delayed sampling (LVDS), pathogen reduction, and 7-day platelet dating.
  • Addresses the complex calculations needed to support safety measures and for matching data with the product information coming from the user’s BECS (Blood Establishment Computer Software) 
Platelet Qualification
Ensure compliance in platelet qualification and manufacturing processes by supporting LVDS, Pathogen Reduction and Volume Reduction configurations.
Sampling Plan Execution
Build, monitor and complete your sampling plans to ensure all monthly requirements are met and sampling continues to be statistically significant.
Accuracy & Efficiency
Test results are read from digital sources, including hematology analyzers, scales, pH meters, leukoreduction devices, and other digital sources.

Integrates With Our Other Products for Greater Operational Control

Donor Recruitment
HemaConnect is the market-leading donor recruitment and engagement CRM and the only recruitment CRM for convalescent plasma.
Staffing & Mobile Drives
HemaCollect's go-anywhere flexibility keeps staff, schedules, collection locations, and regions up-to-date.
Hospital Orders & Inventory
HemaControl's world-class system displays order status and delivery tracking right to the hospital blood bank or another facility.
Equipment Quality Control
HemaComply–Equipment Manager's mobile-first design means QC tests, reports, and optimization happen everywhere.
Alerts are triggered automatically when products are collected on a device that has failed its QC test.

Used by 600+ hospitals, health systems, blood and plasma centers