Staffing & Mobile Drive Management


HemaCollect is the only staffing and mobile drive management solution capable of fully addressing complex scheduling and staffing at local, regional and national levels. HemaCollect’s user-friendly calendars and tools give you a 360-degree view of when, where and who is scheduled. HemaCollect integrates with other InVita products for greater operational control.


  • Comprehensive, toggle-based calendars that allow visibility into staffing operations and schedules across a collection operation, region or enterprise. 
  • Enterprise based localization allows for configuration of workflows based on the hierarchies of the organization.
  • Human capital management modules support employee work-life balance and schedule equity with real-time shift management and schedules.
  • Provides collections staff with the right information at the right time, and on any device, so they can collect the right blood product when hospitals need it.

HemaCollect is a "go anywhere and do anything" solution

Mobile-First Design
Responsive design empowers recruiters to book drives and collections staff to check schedules at will.
Visibility, Standardization
Comprehensive calendars make it easy to toggle through staff schedules and standardize staffing processes at all levels.
On-The-Fly Changes
From any device, staff can easily manage mobile drives, accessing staff schedules, driving directions, and drive details.

Integrates With Our Other Products for Greater Operational Control

Donor Recruitment
HemaConnect is the market-leading donor recruitment and engagement CRM and the only recruitment CRM for convalescent plasma.
Hospital Orders & Inventory
HemaControl's world-class system displays order status and delivery tracking right to the hospital blood bank or another facility.
Blood Product Quality Control
HemaComply–Lab makes guidance compliance easier and supports LVDS, Pathogen Reduction, and 7-day platelets.
Equipment Quality Control
HemaComply–Equipment Manager's mobile-first design means QC tests, reports, and optimization happen everywhere.
HemaCollect's mobile-first design reduces the need for paperwork and improves accuracy by ensuring staffing availability.

Used by 600+ hospitals, health systems, blood and plasma centers