Connecting the Ecosystem for Organ, Tissue and Eye Donation, Transplantation and Research

Advanced software for expediting, increasing and improving key workflows that save and heal lives

InVita’s advanced donortransplant software provides realtime collaboration, decisionsupport, analytics, and tracking throughout the donationtransplant process, empowering health systems and organ procurement organizations to save and heal more lives. Our software is utilized by OPOs, eye banks, tissue banks, birth tissue agencies, transplant centers, hospitals, research institutions and many others across the United States and internationally.

Solutions to Meet the Relentless Demand for Transplants

Decisionsupport, analytics and tracking throughout the donation-to-transplant process

InVita software streamlines organ procurement with realtime collaboration. We enable powerful realtime interoperability across the donationtransplant field, providing a backbone of electronic medical record, analytics, communications, and logistics tracking systems.

Automation and Speed for critical organ donation pathways

InVita solutions automate missioncritical processes, reduces errors and delays, and expedite key decisions and communications across the donationtransplant spectrum.

Smart workflows and designs to improve and enhance donation and transplantation processes

Our web-native solutions provide endtoend real-time management for organ donation, donation evaluation, allocation and transplantation
management, eliminating inefficiencies and redundant entry ultimately helping save and improve more lives.

InVita’s award-winning iTransplant℠ platform is used by 12,500+ medical professionals at over 100 donation and transplantation agencies worldwide.

Connecting Donations to Transplants Like Never Before

A donation and transplantation platform enabling nearly 75% of all deceased organ donation in the U.S.
An automated donor referral platform that provides instant delivery from the hospital EHR into our iTransplant platform.
Integrated with the iTransplant platform, facilitate the successful recovery of high quality and viable tissues.

Software technologies for complex medical environments

Blood Management
Blood and plasma management across collection operation, region, division and enterprise.
Implant Management
Tissue, implants and explants, managed for compliance, patient safety and cost control.