Birth Tissue Acquisition

iTx Donor Birth Tissue

Built on the same award-winning technology as the iTransplant℠ platform, iTx℠ Donor Birth Tissue is an innovative process to facilitate the successful recovery of high quality and viable tissues. iTx Donor Birth Tissue allows for an optimized patient donation experience by combining streamlined coverage of the donor birth tissue acquisition process with medical suitability and recovery operations.


  • Comprehensive solution for birth tissue donation (placenta, umbilical cord, amniotic membrane, cord blood and more)
  • Compatible for data exchange with third party processor.
  • Demographic data self-entry via an iPad or tablet device for wider donor usability and acceptance.
  • Case notes and templates tools prompt recovery staff to document specific details in case notes as well as encourages uniformity in documented information.
  • Tissue Acquisition features allow for detailed coverage of the acquisition process with configurable birth tissue types and field choices permeate to other parts of the system.
  • Pending birth tissue cases widgets provide an easy view of all pending birth tissue cases as well as cases to which users are assigned.

Leverages economies of scale from the iTx Platform with similar workflows

Eligibility, Screening & Status
Captures results for each birth tissue type and leverages autocomplete functionality for details of growth.
Quality Control & Compliance
Tracks records and all correspondence and approach attempts, as well as tracks when the approach was completed.
Standardized Communication
Real-time case notes and templates prompt uniform documentation of specific details and information.

Connecting donation transplants like never before.

Donation-Transplant Management
iTransplant℠ provides comprehensive and real-time data, decision support, and communications across the entire donation to transplant workflow.
Automated Donor Referral
iReferral℠ saves ICU and OPO resources and expedites the donor identification and referral process, increasing referrals, donors and organs for transplant.
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