Donation & Transplant Management

iTransplant (iTx)

Used by more than 12,500 medical professionals at over 100 donation and transplantation agencies all over the world, iTransplant℠ provides real-time data access, decision support, and communications across the entire donation transplant workflow. With intuitive, flexible and comprehensive software, iTransplant drives instant business knowledge and makes it possible to make better and faster decisions.


  • Comprehensive interoperability with organ allocation systems to support allocation of organs with recipients.
  • Automates and streamlines mission-critical processes to eliminate errors, inefficiency, and delays across the donation-transplant spectrum.
  • Enables a paradigm shift from paper records and manual processes
  • Native app available for iOS and Android directly integrates with the iTransplant system for on the go access.
  • Provides 360-degree view of patient outcomes.

Make better decisions – faster – to save and heal more lives.

Automated Processes
iTransplant℠ uses smart workflows to rapidly improve and enhance donation and transplantation processes.
Centralized Donor Records
As the primary donor record, iTransplant supports faster allocation of organs for recipients.
Mobile App Integration
Access and share real-time donor data between Internal users and with partner OPOs and others.

Connecting donation transplants like never before.

Automated Donor Referral
iReferral saves ICU and OPO resources and expedites the donor identification and referral process, increasing referrals, donors and organs for transplant.
Birth Tissue Acquisition
Integrated with the iTransplant platform, iTx Donor Birth Tissue is an innovative process to facilitate the successful recovery of high quality and viable tissues.
InVita's solutions address the mission-critical needs and processes of human biologics, donation and transplant management.