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With a focus on patient safety, cost reduction, efficiency and compliance, our solutions ensure a seamless approach to the complexities of supply chain management. Our customer implementations provide the best illustrations of how InVita Healthcare’s solutions can positively impact an organization. Check out our case studies and white papers to learn more. For news and other announcements, visit our News section.

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Executive Summary
Blood & Plasma Management Solutions
InVita's Blood & Plasma Integration Overview
Information that flows freely enables blood product collectors to work smarter and more efficiently. InVita's platform easily integrates information to meet this challenge.
Case Study
Reston Hospital
UDITracker®: Improve Compliance and Reduce Costs
Ongoing growth, increasing costs, new regulations and compliance standards were the impetus behind Reston Hospital's efforts to streamline its tissue and implant tracking processes and workflows.
Convalescent Plasma & Donor Recruitment
Convalescent Plasma: The Century-long Therapies Leading up to COVID-19
Learn how InVita's software platform can track and manage plasma throughout the recruitment, collection, inventory, testing and storage processes.
Case Study
Franciscan Missionaries
UDITracker®: Track All Implants Leveraging UDI
Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System knew the importance of tracking tissue and implants, but struggled with manual implant inventory management and cumbersome workflows.
White Paper
Greater Implant Lifecycle Visibility Reduces Costs
Improves Patient Care, Compliance, and Collaboration
Full implant lifecycle visibility and performance analytics across the entire implant-to-explant supply chain are helping hospitals and health systems drive significant cost reductions and efficiencies.
Product Sheet
Blood & Plasma
InVita Blood & Plasma Solutions
InVita Healthcare's blood and plasma management solutions help make operations more cost-effective and compliant. Real-time visibility across your supply chain on the local, regional and enterprise levels is key.
Product Sheet
Tissue & Implant
InVita Tissue & Implant Solutions
Our tissue and implant management solutions optimize inventory and processes for increased compliance and cost control measures. Streamlined workflows help to improve patient safety and lower tissue and implant spend.
White Paper
InVita's UDITracker®
Unique Device Identification (UDI) Variability and Best Practices for Medical Implant Tracking
By applying certain best practices for UDI, InVita Healthcare believes organizations can minimize the risk of errors and maximize the broad benefits of the UDI initiative.
Transforming Implant Management
Access a recording of InVita's Transforming Implant Management webinar to learn the advantages of barcode scanning technology and the best practices for managing implants and explants.
Realize Warranty Credit Potential
Access a recording of InVita's Warranty Credit webinar to understand the challenge of processing warranty credits and learn the benefits in using technology to manage the warranty claims process.
Implant Barcode Scanning
Access a recording of InVita's Implant Barcode Scanning webinar to discover how barcode scanning technology improves implant processes in the operating room, Cath Lab and beyond.
Case Study
Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Demonstrating the Benefits of Scanning UDI Barcodes on the Front Lines
The VA wanted to streamline implant management to be accurate with product names and expiration dates to avoid human error and ensure patient safety.
Rise to the Supply Chain Challenge
Optimize your Supply Chain to Drive More Effective Patient Care
Learn how InVita Healthcare software optimizes performance of blood, plasma, tissue, and implant supply chains. Gain insight into the benefits for blood and plasma centers, hospital and blood banks, and health systems.
Automate Your Supply Chain
Technology Reduces Spend and Provides Significant ROI
Access a recording of InVita's webinar on how advancements in technology provide visibility into hospitals' implant supply chain to drive the biggest results to the bottom line.
Implant Chain of Custody Solution
InVita's UDITracker® + RFID Tracking
Chain of custody tracking for tissue and implants is key to ensuring compliance and averting loss and waste. Maximize chain of custody with extended visibility, security, and control.