Maximize Efficiency & Minimize Risk in Sample Tracking

InVita's Forensic DNA sample and sexual assault kit tracking software

InVita delivers sample tracking solutions to help laboratories, agencies and hospitals meet performance, transparency and legislative goals. Together, we can implement effective systems to ensure your stakeholders get the information they need when they need it, easily.

Products for Federal, State, Regional and Local Agencies

STACS Casework for Forensic DNA Labs

Revolutionize your lab’s ability to reduce risk and streamline DNA evidence processing. STACS®Casework is the only lab software that employs a deep understanding of the DNA process, integrates with an existing LIMS to enhance DNA capabilities, and enables users to work productively from home. STACS Casework is supported by InVita’s white-glove services to meet ongoing lab requirements and empower users.

STACS Database for CODIS Labs

The leading DNA Database sample tracking software in North America for Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) Laboratories. STACS®Database improves submission management and forensic system integration to save time and money, reduce error, and centralize data access for high throughput forensic DNA database labs. For remote DNA sample collection, STACS Database addresses key processing and communication challenges, avoids duplicate work, and gains cost savings of up to 20%.

Track-Kit for Sexual Assault Kit Tracking

Track-Kit™ is a secure, cloud-based, turnkey system for jurisdictions that must meet legislative requirements to track all sexual assault kits (SAKs) from collection to reporting. Tracking SAKs statewide to meet compliance and transparency responsibilities, Track-Kit is easy to implement and user-friendly for thousands of diverse users, including survivors.

Track-Kit for Newborn Screening Specimen Tracking

Track-Kit™ is a secure, cloud-based turnkey system that tracks every specimen from hospital shipping to receipt at the lab, reducing the impact of late or missing deliveries for better patient outcomes. Track-Kit is made for State Newborn Screening (NBS) Programs mandated to screen every new baby’s blood spot specimen for devastating but preventable conditions within a critical time window.

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Sample Tracking Solutions for Forensics and Healthcare

Ensure lab teams work productively from home
Reduce time, cost and challenge in collections
Track samples as they move from facility to facility

InVita Products Come with White Glove Service

Track-Kit Product Services
Our Track-Kit™ services have received a Grade A rating by the State of Texas and ensure a smooth rollout with reliable use moving forward.
STACS Product Services
Services for STACS Casework and STACS Database include everything you need to get up and running quickly and to meet ongoing needs.