Explants and Warranty Claims


Co-developed with Mayo Clinic, WarrantyTracker™ fully automates the warranty claims process so hospitals can ensure compliance and realize their warranty credit potential on explanted devices. By leveraging exclusive integrations with device manufacturers, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Electronic Health Records (EHRs), and Materials Management Information Systems (MMIS), eligible devices are easily identified.


  • Provides visibility to all stakeholders on the status and resolution of warranty claims.  
  • Simplifies the warranty claims process and addresses federal compliance regulations and requirements.
  • Assures accurate reporting and analytics to support audit reports required by the Office of Inspector General (OIG).

WarrantyTracker makes it easy for hospitals to pursue eligible warranty credits

Identification of Eligible Devices
WarrantyTracker facilitates the identification of eligible devices that have been explanted (removed), making it easy to pursue warranty credits.
Flexible Workflow Configuration
WarrantyTracker can be easily adapted to warranty claim workflows or used as a platform to create an entirely new process from the ground up.
Visibility for all Stakeholders
WarrantyTracker’s automated manufacturer updates provide visibility into the claims process so hospital teams and vendors have current information.

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WarrantyTracker™ is the only automated warranty claims solution – from device identification to credit application.