IDN-Wide Implant Visibility & Cost Savings


Implant360™ is the first implant management platform to encompass the full lifecycle – explants, product recalls, and warranty credits – and provide a real-time, 360-degree view of information needed for optimization. With one ecosystem and broad analytics, hidden opportunities for reducing spend and improving compliance become clear. Transforming universal data into actionable insight help operations become stronger, compliance more trusted, and patient safety improved.


  • Captures data and organizes it in a meaningful way to help managers procure more favorably, protect valuable inventory, and ward off threats of increased cost and risk.
  • Automatically gathers enterprise-level data to identify cost saving opportunities and potential risks.
  • Simplifies supply chain decision making with current and historic usage and trends, as well as comprehensive analytics for predicting future needs.
  • Bridges data across inventory consignments and removals, recalls, explants, implant replacements, and warranty credits.

Automation and analytics by department, facility, or enterprise

Maximize Savings
Facilitates the movement of data within a system, providing stakeholders with the real-time status of every product at any point in its lifecycle.
Lifecycle Management
Implant360™ proactively monitors implant inventories and identifies opportunities for minimizing waste due to product expiration, loss, clinical excess, and usage.
Automated Tasks
Workflows and chain-of-custody tracking are automated for greater cost control and support patient safety measures and compliance requirements.

Integrates With Our Other Leading Products

Tracking & Inventory Optimization
UDITracker® automates lifecycle management of implants, improves operational efficiency and reduces spend.
Explants & Warranty Claims
WarrantyTracker™ identifies eligible devices, executes credit processes, and ensures claims are submitted correctly.
RFID Technology
Easily integrate RFID Technology with UDITracker to track inventory movement from receipt to use.
Does your hospital system need help identifying cost savings with enterprise-level analytics? We're here to help.