Integrated with UDITracker®

RFID Solutions

RFID technology fully integrates with UDITracker, and automatically tracks inventory movement prior to surgery and at point of use, providing real-time visibility and improved inventory management.

  • Significantly reduce implant retrieval time from storage to the operating room
  • Minimize product loss, waste due to expiration, and stock-outs
  • Eliminate inefficient reconciliation processes
  • Maintain product security
  • Focus less on data entry and more on patients

Securely store and monitor COVID-19 vaccines with InVita’s UDITracker® + RFID solutions.
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Benefits of InVita's RFID Solutions

Process Automation
Integration with UDITracker allows complete automation of the chain of custody.
Eliminates Waste
Reduce spend by minimizing write-offs due to expiration, loss or out-of-stock issues.
Increases Efficiency
Reduces time spent on data entry, tracking and managing inventory.

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UDITracker + RFID technology take implant tracking and chain of custody to the next level.