Tracking & Inventory Optimization


Used by over 600 hospitals and IDNs, UDITracker® is a trusted solution for tracking tissue and implants from the supplier to point of use.  Data integrated from device manufacturers, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Materials Management Information Systems (MMIS) drive streamlined workflows and efficiency. 


  • Manages the lifecycle of implants and closes the gaps that increase spend, making a big impact on your bottom line.
  • Bidirectional traceability and two-way audit trail for reporting and investigation drive compliance.
  • Data insight into inventory levels optimize ordering, help eliminate waste and reduce spend.
  • Immediately addresses implants that have been recalled, facilitates removal of expired implants from inventory, and monitors temperature-controlled storage to help ensure patient safety.

Implant tracking from point of supplier to point of use

Recall Management
Instantly match the Unique Device Identification of devices recalled by the FDA to implants in inventory and in patients, allowing hospitals to take action and ensure patient safety.
Data Integrations
Point-of-use capture through GS1 barcode scanning, integrations with EHR and MMIS to automatically track inventory from the shipping dock through usage and reordering.
Through integrations with tissue suppliers, hospitals can receive hundreds of items at the click of a button, saving 90% of the time it takes to enter inventory and ensure data accuracy.

Integrates With Our Other Products for Greater Supply Chain Control

Explants & Warranty Claims
WarrantyTracker™ identifies eligible devices, executes credit processes, and ensures claims are submitted correctly.
RFID Technology
Easily integrate RFID Technology with UDITracker to track inventory movement from receipt to use.
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