Donation & Transplant Organizations

InVita helps donation and transplant organizations save and heal lives by automating and streamlining critical processes, reducing errors and delays, and expediting key decisions.

Our award-winning software enables nearly 75% of all deceased organ donation in the U.S. and is used by more than 12,500 medical professionals at over 100 donation and transplantation agencies all over the world.

Organ procurement organizations, transplant centers, tissue banks, eye banks, placenta recovery agencies, and others across the donation-transplant spectrum can communicate securely and coordinate faster with InVita Transplant Connect.

InVita’s secure cloud-based iTransplant℠ donation and transplantation platform has intuitive and comprehensive functionality that drives instant enterprise knowledge and enables better, faster, and more informed decisions that help save and heal more lives.

Connecting Donations to Transplants Like Never Before

A donation and transplantation platform enabling nearly 75% of all deceased organ donation in the U.S.
An automated donor referral platform providing instant delivery from hospital EHR to iTransplant.
Provides a full solution for organ procurement, tissue recovery, eye banking and birth tissue acquisition.

Used by 600+ hospitals, health systems, blood and plasma centers

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