Hospital Order & Inventory Management


HemaControl is a world-class hospital order entry and inventory management system with robust GPS order tracking, a billing module and a driver mobile app. With features of a large transportation company, HemaControl provides exceptional operational control and addresses the needs of blood centers and their hospital partners affordably. With tools to assure right-type mix and keep pace with demand, HemaControl makes it easy to order, track and deliver blood products, HemaControl provides complete visibility from order queue through delivery for both blood centers and hospital blood banks. HemaControl integrates with other InVita products for greater operational control.


  • Compliant with FDA CFR 21 Part 11 regulations, with digital signatures and a drive/delivery native mobile app.
  • Affordable and delivers features used by the nation’s largest online order and transportation management companies.
  • Enables blood centers to provide hospital partners with an integrated portal for ordering blood products and transparency to follow the progress in real-time.

InVita Healthcare Technologies Brings Industry First Driver Mobile App to Blood Centers


Inventory Tracking
Provides inventory tools for easy management of product expirations, quarantined units, product imports and exports, and specialty products.
Add-on Antigen Lists
In conjunction with HemaConnect, an antigen recruitment list can be run when specialty orders are submitted to push notifications to donors.
Add-on Conversion Donors
With HemaConnect's FrontDesk, donors on the appointment schedule identified for donation conversion can be informed of how they can help more.

Integrates With Our Other Products for Greater Operational Control

Donor Recruitment
HemaConnect is the market-leading donor recruitment and engagement CRM and the only recruitment CRM for convalescent plasma.
Staffing & Mobile Drives
HemaCollect's go-anywhere flexibility keeps staff, schedules, collection locations, and regions up-to-date.
Blood Product Quality Control
HemaComply–Lab makes guidance compliance easier and supports LVDS, Pathogen Reduction, and 7-day platelets.
Equipment Quality Control
HemaComply–Equipment Manager's mobile-first design means QC tests, reports, and optimization happen everywhere.
HemaControl supports configurable hospital order forms and daily automated email reports.

Used by 600+ hospitals, health systems, blood and plasma centers