iTx Transplant


Every donation opportunity. Every time.

The world’s Leading Donation-Transplant Software Platform, iTransplant empowers our clients to maximize every donor opportunity to save and heal more lives while optimizing their operations.

From donor referral, screening, family interaction, recovery and allocation to communications, staff tracking, logistics and analytics, iTransplant automates and streamlines the donation-transplant workflow so you can focus on pursuing every donation opportunity every time. Trusted by more than 15,000 medical professionals worldwide, iTransplant is an award-winning platform that optimizes performance and quality while connecting the Donation-Transplant Ecosystem like never before.


Pursue every donation
opportunity every time.

One organ donor can save up to eight lives through donation and transplantation, but success requires real-time collaboration. When a recipient is waiting for a transplant, the timeframe is short in which to capture and analyze donation information and decisions on the recovery of the organ.  The iTransplant system brings critical information to the forefront, eliminates process inefficiencies, and reduces manual and redundant data entry.

Because every single donor opportunity matters.

Driving Innovation and Advances in Donation-Transplant
From our ground-breaking iReferral automated donor referral technology to our integrated iTransplant App, we are connecting the donation-transplant ecosystem like never before – all for the bottom-line purpose of increasing, expediting, and improving donation and transplantation.
Automation and Speed for Critical Organ, Tissue, and Eye Donation-Transplant Pathways
InVita’s iTransplant Platform and related solutions automate mission–critical processes, reduce errors and delays, and expedite key decisions and communications across the donation–transplant spectrum.
Transparency, Standardization, and Optimization
The flexible and configurable architecture of our iTransplant Platform allows us to support individual organizations, collaborative networks, and entire nationwide systems. iTransplant is unparalleled in its ability to ensure transparency, standardization, and optimization of resources – all to maximize the donor gift for organ, tissue, and eye transplantation.

Building on the long pioneering legacy of Transplant Connect, InVita is uniquely committed to driving new innovation to advance the field and empower our clients to optimize and save and heal more lives. Through our unparalleled collaboration with our clients and our ongoing R&D commitment, we continue to bring new innovations to market that disrupt outdated and inefficient workflows.

Graphic depicting 75% of donations.

75% of U.S. organs from deceased donors are managed by iTransplantSM.

Graphic depicting Over 300M.

Over 300+ million aggregate data entries in iTransplant.

Make better decisions – faster – to save and heal more lives.

Photo of personnel delivering transplant cooler from ambulance.
Access the data you need on the go.

iTransplant App’s direct integration with iTransplant allows users to share mission-critical information directly from individual case records seamlessly – from clinical data to OR date/time and logistics to case status updates, alerts, and more, all with a single click.

With a secure chat, image sharing, and the ability to be used on a desktop computer, no other mobile app is capable of such integration.

A solution trusted by 15,000+ medical professionals worldwide.
  • Award-winning, secure cloud-based clinical information system
  • Used at 150+ organizations worldwide
  • Over 750,000 total donor recoveries (organ, tissue, eye)


Graphic chart depicting The Donor-Transplantation supply chain is far more complex and fragmented than most.
A faster, better donation-transplant ecosystem.

Having the right resources can make all the difference when every second counts. Software is everything in the world of organ, tissue, birth tissue, eye donation, transplantation, and research teams, but getting reliable collaboration tools and secure data transfer is challenging.

What if your staff could complete critical tasks faster and share secure data across your ecosystem seamlessly? The whole process can be made easier with the use of advanced software, which enables data to be securely moved between internal stakeholders and external partners in real-time. With one ecosystem, organ procurement organizations, tissue and birth tissue agencies, eye banks, transplant centers, hospitals, and research facilities can collaborate seamlessly.

Is making life easier for your team not important?

Our solutions address the mission-critical needs of human biologics donation and transplant management.