Optimized supply chain performance for blood, plasma, tissue and implants

Software technologies for complex medical environments

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InVita Invests in Transplant Connect To Expand Software Solutions for Human Biologics
InVita Healthcare Technologies Brings Industry First Driver Mobile App to Blood Centers
InVita Invests in STACS DNA To Advance Sample Tracking in Healthcare, Forensics
InVita and GPI USA Partner To Provide a Continuous Blood Management Solution


InVita’s platforms optimize supply chains by connecting data, simplifying processes and providing visibility at both a regional and enterprise level. We streamline workflows to ensure product availability, quality and patient safety to provide organizations with a full line of sight to cost control opportunities for greater efficiency. 

Supply chain optimized for compliance, patient safety and cost control

InVita's process automation and multi-level views drive supply chain optimization.

Used by 600+ hospitals, health systems, blood and plasma centers