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Automation and invoicing to maximize revenue and eliminate leaks.

BloodBill arms suppliers with the intuitive billing features they need to capture the most revenue. Whether delivering blood products or lab services, every transaction is monetized. With built-in contract management and fewer invoice errors, DSOs and disputes are reduced, resulting in better cash flow. BloodBill’s air-tight BloodHub integration makes it easy to automatically import supply chain activity onto invoices, eliminating the chance of revenue leaks.


1 Billion dollars invoiced annually using BloodBill.

100% paperless order-to-cash billing solution.

Increase cash flow while reducing invoice errors and time to reconcile.

BloodBill ensures fast, accurate, and paperless invoicing.

BloodBill is invoice transparency.

BloodBill’s intelligent invoicing system provides the optimization and transparency you need to maximize revenue and stay informed at every step of the billing process. From real-time updates to complex pricing to simple one-time payments, BloodBill helps keeps operations running smoothly so your team can avoid costly mistakes.

Tools to efficiently process growing numbers of orders and automate patient and unit testing.

Gain access to InVita’s Single Point of Service portal for enterprise level automated order forwarding.

Unleash the power of automated IRL workflows for better patient and sample management, testing, and reporting.

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