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Automated order forwarding for enterprise level workflows.

BloodHub makes product movement fast, easy, and convenient from order to fulfillment. With one login, hospitals gain instant access to the blood, product, and laboratory services needed to deliver lifesaving patient care. At the same time, BloodHub’s Single Point of Service gives suppliers real-time visibility for all inbound demand. With a simple linear process, from order submission to delivery, BloodHub delivers a truly seamless fulfillment experience.

One portal. All orders. Single point of service for hospitals and suppliers.


14.5 million blood products are shipped each year.

2 million annual blood product orders.

4,200 hospitals rely on BloodHub to manage blood product orders.

50,000 users rely on BloodHub to manage blood product orders.

BloodHub's ecosystem brings order to blood banking.

Save time and improve the efficiency of ordering blood products and services.

With full visibility into hospital inventory, BloodHub allows blood centers to process hospitals orders while transparently communicating unit status, fulfillment details, and patient workups. At the same time, BloodHub prevents fulfillment errors, accelerates turnaround times, and eliminates data entry to save suppliers time.

Tools to efficiently process growing numbers of orders, inventory, and billing transactions.

Balance distance, time, and cost with intelligent routing options, for online transparency and accountability.

Plug billing leaks by bringing more efficiency to invoice reconciliation.

Unleash the power of automated IRL workflows for better patient and sample management, testing, and reporting.

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