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The only integrated platform that combines tissue and implant management, warranty credit automation, and system-wide visibility and analytics for reducing spend.

Implant360TM is a cloud-based platform that continuously tracks tissue and non-tissue implants across multiple facilities. Powerful analytics and clear, actionable dashboards reveal real-time opportunities to reduce spend, mitigate expiration and loss, maximize warranty credits, and track performance over time. Implant360 strengthens hospital operations and allows stakeholders to make highly informed decisions that affect costs, resources, patient safety, and compliance. 


Graphic depicting 1 in 3 Products Not Used.

1-in-3 implantable products will never get used by OR and clinical staff due to gaps in information.

Graphic depicting 70% reduction

70% reduction in waste due to expiration and loss.

Graphic depicting 3.2M product recalls.

3.2 million product recalls identified and communicated.

Automation and analytics by department, facility, or enterprise.

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Analytics drive cost savings across the enterprise.

Analytics drive cost savings from knowing what is on hand, what is needed, and what is at risk for expiration, stockouts, or compliance. Without real-time data and visibility across the implant supply chain, between facilities, and along the implant-explant lifecycle, events are happening that are adding unnecessary cost. Implant360 provides visibility into the opportunities for reduced spend across your system and the tools needed to capitalize on cost-saving opportunities.

Implant360 offers analytics for resource management at every level—local, regional, and enterprise. One platform that connects fluid data gives all stakeholders a complete view of the factors that can negatively (or positively) impact costs, compliance, or patient care.

Receipt, inventory, recall, warranty, and management.

Implant360 allows decision makers to view opportunities and align priorities to reduce implant spending, expiration, waste and loss, reduce supplier risk, consolidate suppliers, and more. It’s the only platform to bridge data across the lifespan of tissue and device implants, including inventory consignments and removals, recalls, explants, and warranty credits. Implant360 also seamlessly integrates with manufacturers’ databases and EHR and MMIS systems to save time and automate inventory receipt and chain of custody tracking.

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Accurate data and chain of custody tracking.

Barcode Scanning and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies enhance workflow efficiency, accuracy, and chain of custody tracking. InVita also interfaces with your Electronic Health Records, Materials Management Information System, suppliers and manufacturers, and Food and Drug Administration sources.

Invest in proactive insights to lower implant spend and compliance risk.

Tissue, implant, explant, and warranty claims management made easy with unmatched enterprise-wide visibility. Don’t let shortages, surpluses, or expired products slip through your fingers. It’s an easy fix when seen from all angles.

Give your management teams the right tools to capture all your cost savings opportunities. Only one system gives you this power. Implant360!

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Does your hospital system need help identifying cost savings with enterprise-level analytics? We're here to help.