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Tissue, implant, explant, and warranty claims.

Are you dealing with shortages, surpluses, expired, or wasted hospital products? Fragmented data from disparate systems in your tissue and implant supply chain causes disruptions. If surgical products are lacking, mistakes can be made, procedures can be delayed, and the patient’s health may suffer as a result.

How long can your hospital or health system afford to rely on spreadsheets and fragmented data from disparate systems that are error-prone? Having no real-time visibility into inventory inhibits management teams. Blind spots put your assets at risk. Financial stress and staff morale are also affected. These problems are preventable.

When the right tools are in the right hands, you eliminate your hospital’s network blind spots. Get a handle on surgery postponements and schedule gaps. Reduce liability risks and implant spending by investing in proactive insights, without sacrificing staff morale. Be aware of all recalls on equipment and warranty credits your hospital might be missing. Preventing these mistakes will reduce inventory shortages, misallocated stock, and liabilities, which will increase your bottom line, reputation, and patient satisfaction.

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Blood & Plasma Management

Whenever patients’ lives are at stake, hospitals cannot afford to lose one unit of blood. Getting blood from the donor to your patient is a tedious and complicated process. Stock shortages may prevent some hospitals and health systems from meeting demand for blood products. These shortages can be frustrating for patients and financially challenging for hospitals.

Hospitals may turn to external sources for additional blood products. Multiple outside sources can make it difficult to know who has what supplies, and when to collect them. When daily operations are disrupted, staff members are left with less time for other tasks, especially caring for patients. A labor-intensive manual process adds to the delay.

Blood collection can be made simpler by using a safe and compliant on-demand system. Our software helps hospitals and health systems meet their day-to-day needs despite limitations in outside supplies. Our robust CRM solutions integrate with blood bank software so hospitals can manage inventory, staffing, mobile drives, and quality assurance processes more efficiently.

Learn how InVita’s Blood Management solutions can help you take on today’s challenges. 

Newborn Screening

The difference between early detection and a lifetime of health problems can be as little as 24 hours in newborn screening delays. In the event of delayed testing, children may remain undiagnosed, leading to tragic or painful deaths. There are many newborns who miss critical medical interventions due to laboratories being overwhelmed with data and having too much to analyze manually.

What if you could automatically track every specimen from hospitals to the lab? Simple newborn screening could save countless families from unnecessary suffering and hospitals from incurring financial costs. With our software, each baby’s specimen sample is screened and tracked throughout the entire testing process within a critical timeframe. Patients’ outcomes may be improved by tracking each specimen from hospital to lab.

Using Track-Kit ensures the right sample reaches the right location at the right time, so hospitals and health systems comply with state laws requiring newborn screenings and parents are empowered with information. 

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InVita solutions for hospitals and health systems.

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Implant360SM provides a holistic perspective of operations for reduced spend and improved compliance.

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UDITracker® automates lifecycle management of implants, improves operational efficiency, and reduces spend.

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WarrantyTracker™ identifies eligible devices, executes credit processes, and ensures claims are submitted correctly.

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