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TRACK-KIT Sexual Assault Kit

Sexual Assault Kit (SAK)

Complete sexual assault kit and inventory tracking to deliver accountability, transparency, and information-sharing among all stakeholders.

Track-Kit™ is a secure, web-based system that provides transparency to everyone involved in collecting and processing sexual assault kits, including survivors.

Track-Kit ensures all stakeholders are accountable by notifying them when a kit needs attention. Survivors are able to track the movement of their kit from collection to pick up to processing at the lab.

Track-Kit records the collection at the medical facility, when law enforcement picks it up and laboratory analyzes the kit. All stakeholders are informed when a kit is late.


THE LEADING sexual assault kit tracking system in the United States.

Designed to meet jurisdictional requirements.

Track-Kit can be rolled out across your jurisdiction seamlessly. By engaging stakeholders including medical personnel, law enforcement, and forensic laboratories, the survivor can track the status and location of their kit. Track-Kit also allows you to gather and report data that to meet legislative requirements.”

Prevent backlogged and lost kits.

Track-Kit – SAK keeps all stakeholders informed. The Track-Kit – SAK tracking process begins as soon as the nurse scans Track-Kit and notifies the appropriate law enforcement agency through lab delivery.

Track testing status.

Historically, more than 100,000 sexual assaults are reported in the United States annually, and survivors have no way of knowing if their kits are processed. Until now. With Track-Kit, survivors receive email or text notifications and a discreet access portal with SAK’s location, status, local resources, and contacts on mobile devices or computers.

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Full turnkey bundled solutions.

Unlike systems built for a single state, Track-Kit – SAK is highly configurable for fast implementation and includes a full suite of premium services – including live training, hosting, and ongoing support for tens of thousands of users – to meet any jurisdiction’s exact requirements and make rollout and ongoing support easy for the IT department.

Time-saving sample tracking solutions.

Keeping track of DNA, blood, and evidence samples from collection to analysis is a complex process. With InVita’s cutting-edge DNA and forensic sample tracking solutions, your investigation teams will be more accurate, efficient, and capable. In collaboration with DNA labs and CODIS systems across the country, we develop custom, scalable solutions that increase labs’ daily case capacity and improve sample integrity.

Investing in us means receiving white glove service from the moment you begin to the moment the product is deployed, along with ongoing training and support.

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Tracking Sexual Assault Kits is crucial for accountability and transparency.