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STACS Casework

Forensic DNA labs are reducing risk and increasing performance with InVita’s streamlined processing and remote capabilities.

For forensic DNA casework labs that need to increase productivity while reducing risk, STACS®Casework is preferred for its end-to-end sample tracking, documentation, and control. STACS Casework is the only lab software that employs a deep understanding of the DNA process, integrates with an existing LIMS to enhance DNA capabilities, and enables users to work productively from home.


Increase capacity and improve quality.

Streamlined Operations
STACS Casework helps labs manage consumable inventories, instrument maintenance, and SOP adherence.
Key Integrations
One centralized system that integrates with your current instruments, LIMS, and other systems—regardless of vendor.
Ends Redundancy
Eliminates duplicate data entry and intermediate worksheets through automated workflows and worksheet generation.

30% more cases processed with STACS Casework.

Save 100%
of time to verify consumable status, instrument maintenance logs, and sample cross-contamination.

Save 40%-100%
of time to document cases, interpret profiles, submit to DNA database, QC test, and perform peer review.

Save 80%
of time to manage samples and instrumentation and to resolve troubleshooting incidents.

STACS Casework saves significant time in the lab.

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Virtual lab adds flexibility in times of reduced staffing.

A laboratory will always need staff on hand to run instruments, extract DNA samples, perform serological analyses, and screen evidence. However, by allowing some staff to work remotely, an agency can limit the space they need and lessen the number of staff on-site when needed.

With STACS Casework, analysts can perform necessary tasks in a remote and completely digital environment, such as case management, the import and review of quantitation results, and more.

Time-saving sample tracking solutions.

Keeping track of evidence samples from collection to analysis is a complex process. With InVita’s cutting-edge DNA and forensic sample tracking solutions, your laboratory staff will be more accurate, efficient, and capable. By integrating LIMS systems and a deep understanding of the DNA process, our team can ensure samples are delivered within chain-of-custody requirements between DNA and forensic laboratories, law enforcement, federal agencies, and hospitals. In collaboration with DNA labs and CODIS systems across the country, we develop custom, scalable solutions that increase labs’ daily case capacity and improve sample integrity.

Investing in us means receiving white glove service from the moment you begin to the moment the product is deployed, along with ongoing training and support.

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