Photo of lab scene. Two people reviewing software demo on tablet.
HemaComply Lab Manager

Lab Manager

A digital quality control system makes it easier to build, track, and monitor QC plans in real-time for compliance.

HemaComply–Lab Manager is the most efficient way to implement quality control (QC). Built with cloud-based integration, this quality management system adds organization and structure to the quality control and platelet manufacturing process making it easy to comply with guidance requirements and best practices.


Photo of bags of volunteer donor platelets.

Platelet qualification and manufacturing process compliance.

HemaComply–Lab Manager supports the detection of bacterial contaminants, large volume delayed sampling (LVDS), pathogen reduction, and 7-day platelet dating and ensures compliance in platelet qualification and manufacturing processes by supporting LVDS, Pathogen Reduction, and Volume Reduction configurations.

It streamlines and standardizes the platelet qualification process, in keeping with FDA guidance.

Sampling Plan Execution
Empowers users to build, monitor, and complete your sampling plans to ensure all monthly requirements are met and sampling continues to be statistically significant.
Platelet Qualification
Monitors product QC Plan tests and monthly sampling requirements, platelet qualification and manufacturing, and failure management.
Accuracy & Efficiency
Reads test results from hematology analyzers, scales, pH meters, leukoreduction devices, and other digital sources.
Graphic depicting 2M QC Test Results.

2 million QC test results reported, and 612,000 platelets qualified.

Collect, test, and deliver blood products... easily.

Multiple displays depicting Hema software
Blood collection is complex with many changing demands.

Software that centralizes information and changes in real-time is necessary. We support blood collection efforts at every step. Designed to be your most trusted partner, our products and services give you the tools you need to focus on what you do best – meeting patient, hospital, and community needs.

You can recruit, manage, and care for donors with InVita’s products, whether as an all-in-one system or as standalone modules. A comprehensive range of product features eases work pressure and increases efficiency. Utilizing your team’s time will enable them to better serve donors and communities. The right software makes meeting hospital demand on time a reality.

InVita helps blood collectors broadly adopt product QC guidance requirements and standardize metrics.