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Hema Control


The nerve center of the blood management process is a world-class hospital order entry and inventory management system.

HemaControl provides exceptional operational capability and control to blood centers and addresses the needs of their hospital partners with order status and a billing module. With tools to assure right-type mix and keep pace with demand, HemaControl makes it easy to order, track, and deliver blood products. It also provides complete visibility from order queue through delivery with robust GPS order tracking and a driver mobile app. HemaControl’s unique features and integration to InVita products managing other operational areas have solidified its place as the market leader.


Full visibility and chain of custody tracking.

Since 2013, HemaControl has been helping blood centers avoid unnecessary costs by providing end-to-end visibility on all orders and the tools to ensure on-time delivery. Creating a two-way connection with hospitals, HemaControl provides a full view of order activity and supports configurable hospital order and service request forms, as well as daily automated email reports.

A queue to credit hospitals for returns and transfers, the ability to search for rare units and donors, and generating antigen lists for use in donor recruitment are just a few additional benefits provided by this system.

Driver Mobile App
Drivers or couriers can pick up and deliver, or drop off returns and samples through the drive mobile app with barcode scanning, electronic signatures, and GPS tracking.
Donor Conversion
Used with HemaConnect’s FrontDesk module, it identifies donation conversion candidates for products in need so phlebotomists can guide donors to other donations.
Antigen Lists
When used in conjunction with HemaConnect and to address specialty orders, a recruitment list of donors with specific antigens can be generated and targeted for push notifications.
Graphic depicting 1.5M orders placed.

1.5 million hospital orders have been made through HemaControl.

Graphic depicting 96M Blood Products.

96 million blood products are managed by InVita products.

Collect, test, and deliver blood products... easily.

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Blood collection is complex with many changing demands.

Software that centralizes information and changes in real-time is necessary. We support blood collection efforts at every step. Designed to be your most trusted partner, our products and services give you the tools you need to focus on what you do best – meeting patient, hospital, and community needs.

You can recruit, manage, and care for donors with InVita’s products, whether as an all-in-one system or as standalone modules. A comprehensive range of product features eases work pressure and increases efficiency. Utilizing your team’s time will enable them to better serve donors and communities. The right software makes meeting hospital demand on time a reality.

Our leading hospital order and inventory manager offers first-ever driver app and integrates for total blood management.