Donor engagement, insight marketing, and effective communication resources guide donors to the products you need.

HemaConnect has been leading the industry in donor recruitment and engagement for over a decade. This robust CRM is powered by data from key operational areas, marketing automation, and cutting-edge communications that make the recruitment process easier, faster, and smarter.

Its custom portals and resources for donors, drive coordinators, and staff make it easy to keep the need for blood products in the forefront and on any device. Integrated modules within HemaConnect empower blood center teams to convert donors to most-needed product donations and improve their service and care of donors to keep them coming back.


HemaConnect offers advanced solutions for getting participation from even the most challenging donor segments like younger and lapsed donors. Donor engagement, donation, and eligibility data from any BECS and diverse communication channels provide the flexibility to engage donors at every age and every stage of life.

Integrations advance donor recruitment strategies.

Native Mobile App
White label iOS and Android apps enable push notifications, geotargeting, and an effective means to build donor loyalty.
Donor Engagement
Donors can refer others to donate with personalized referral codes and unique URLs and receive​ Donor Badges for their effort.
Donor Insight Marketing
Target marketing based on donor socialization and demographic information with ESRI Tapestry LifeMode Groups.
Donor Conversion
FrontDesk module identifies donation conversion candidates making it easy for phlebotomists to collect the right product.
VoIP Dialer
Voice over Internet Protocol dialer service offers features of an in-house call center dialer without all the cost.
Text Messages
A virtual chat window for donor communications with seamless transition between threads and quick response templates.
Graphic depicting 32M donations.

32 million donations have been made through HemaConnect.

Graphic depicting 96M Blood Products.

96 million blood products are managed by InVita products.

Blood and plasma management across collection operation, region, division, and enterprise.

Multiple displays depicting Hema software
Collect, test, and deliver blood products... easily.

Blood collection is complex with many changing demands. Software that centralizes information and changes in real-time is necessary. We support blood collection efforts at every step. Designed to be your most trusted partner, our products and services give you the tools you need to focus on what you do best – meeting patient, hospital, and community needs.

You can recruit, manage, and care for donors with InVita’s products, whether as an all-in-one system or as standalone modules. A comprehensive range of product features eases work pressure and increases efficiency. Utilizing your team’s time will enable them to better serve donors and communities. The right software makes meeting hospital demands on time a reality.

HemaConnect is the only donor recruitment and engagement CRM for on-demand blood and plasma donations.