Meet the leaders of
InVita Healthcare Technologies.
Todd Collins
President & Chief Executive Officer
Simon Dawson
Chief Operating Officer
Wade Liu
Chief Product Officer and Vice President & General Manager, Donation & Transplant
Robb Goetz
Chief Financial Officer
Steve Sedlock
Chief Revenue Officer
Tom Wurzbach
Chief Technology Officer
John Hibel
Chief Marketing Officer
Mike Deming
Vice President & General Manager, Blood Management
Brittney Long
Vice President & General Manager, Implant Management
Steven Gareau
Vice President & General Manager, DNA & Forensics
John Piano
Founder & Strategic Advisor, Donation & Transplant

Our expertise and the strategic partnerships we form help to create the single, scalable and dynamic ecosystem that supports our customers in their very important missions.

Our cutting edge software impacts growth and helps in the evolution of the critical life-changing and life-saving processes.