iTx Referral


Groundbreaking technology that is transforming donation.

iReferralSM is advanced, intelligent technology that automates the mission-critical potential donor identification and referral process to inject efficiency and increase donation and transplantation.  Leveraging configurable algorithmic clinical triggers and secure interoperability, iReferral replaces the time-consuming, inefficient, and error-prone manual phone-based processes that have remained in place across our healthcare system for decades.


Secure, compliant interfaces deliver donor referrals immediately from the hospital or medical examiner/coroner electronic medical records (EMR) systems to the donation organization’s iTransplantSM System, with the defined data points securely and automatically populating into iTransplant and instantly creating a new potential donor case without manual data entry.

  • Outdated, time-consuming manual processes of phone-based referrals shift critical nursing and provider resources away from patient care and consume donation organization time and effort.
  • iReferral liberates significant time per month of valuable ICU nursing resources, helping hospital teams realize efficiency and quality gains. Some larger hospitals have reported ICU and other nursing/resource time savings of up to 80 hours per month.
  • Donation organizations realize similar efficiency and time savings as well, allowing more efficient allocation of their resources to focus on maximizing organs recovered and transplanted.

“iReferral saved me time and it was more comfortable for me not having to step away from the patient’s bedside to find a place to speak to the OPO.”

With iReferral, hospitals, medical examiners, coroners, and other potential donor referral sources identify and refer more potential donors automatically and effortlessly, in near real-time.

By eliminating the manual, phone-based referral process and seamlessly delivering electronic potential donor referrals, iReferral liberates the staff and resources of donor hospitals, medical examiners, and coroners, as well as at donation organizations.

With hundreds of new implementations advancing, iReferral has been in successful use for more than 3 years and is in place today at over 50 hospitals and over 30 medical examiners/coroners offices in the United States. iReferral has been demonstrated to increase the number of 1) potential donor referrals, 2) organs, tissues, and corneas recovered and 3) successful transplants.

In addition, iReferral helps to ensure regulatory compliance by electronically delivering to the referring hospital or other referring organizations the Referral ID# generated by the donation organization’s iTransplant System.

Graphic depicting Over 300M.
Over 300+ million aggregate data entries currently in iTransplantSM.
Graphic depicting 75% of donations.
75% of U.S. organs from deceased donors are managed by iTransplantSM.

Make better decisions – faster – to save and heal more lives.

Gain 20-80 hours in ICU nursing resources per hospital monthly.

Time-consuming, manual processes of phone-based referrals shift nursing and provider resources away from patient care. 

iReferral liberates significant time per month of valuable ICU nursing resources, helping hospital teams realize efficiency and quality gains. 

Don’t miss donor referrals because of unknown case status.

When real-time case status is unknown, life-saving referrals get missed. iReferral increases referrals, donors, and transplants by empowering hospital nursing staff and donor organization call center staff with real-time subscription notifications for an immediate case evaluation.

Graphic depicting futuristic digital icons and a checkmark.
Maintain compliance
every step of the way.

Timely referrals are critical to realizing donation and transplant compliance. iReferral helps to ensure regulatory compliance by providing clinical staff receive confirmation via the MRN of the patient in the donation organization. 

Access data you need on the go.

iTx App’s direct integration with iTransplant allows users to share mission-critical information directly from individual case records seamlessly – from clinical data to OR date/time and logistics to case status updates, alerts, and more, all with a single click. No other mobile app is capable of such integration.

Graphic chart depicting The Donor-Transplantation supply chain is far more complex and fragmented than most.
Maintain compliance every
step of the way.

Having the right resources can make all the difference when every second counts. Software is everything in the world of organ, tissue, birth tissue, eye donation, transplantation, and research teams, but getting reliable collaboration tools and secure data transfer is challenging. 

What if your staff could complete critical tasks faster and share secure data across your ecosystem seamlessly? The whole process can be made easier with the use of advanced software, which enables data to be securely moved between internal stakeholders and external partners in real-time. With one ecosystem, organ procurement organizations, tissue and birth tissue agencies, eye banks, transplant centers, hospitals, and research facilities can collaborate seamlessly.

Is making life easier for your team not important?

Intermountain Healthcare, DonorConnect, and InVita Health launch iReferral to save and heal more lives.