Automate explant processes for successful warranty claims submissions and compliance.

Co-developed with Mayo Clinic, WarrantyTracker™ makes it easy for hospitals to pursue eligible warranty credits. Align workflows, estimate product return eligibility, track product receipt by the manufacturer, and receive notification of the credit outcome from a centralized platform. WarrantyTracker fully automates the warranty claims process so hospitals can ensure compliance and realize their warranty credit potential on explanted devices. 


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Automated processes support accuracy and compliance.

WarrantyTracker is the only automated warranty claims solution – from eligible device identification to successful warranty claim submission.

By leveraging exclusive integrations with device manufacturers, the Food and Drug Administration, Electronic Health Records, and Materials Management Information Systems, eligible devices are easily identified.

Accuracy in complex calculations
Ensures that the hospital and Medicare receive all eligible credits.
Stakeholder access to current status of claims
Integrated data from manufacturers makes for easy retrieval for audits.
Receipt confirmation for easy reconciliation
Complete information facilitates quick resolution process.
Graphic depicting $25-50k.

Pursue $25,000-$50,000 in potentially missed warranty credits.

Graphic depicting 70-80% Reduction Time

70%-80% reduction in time to assess/submit warranty claims and reconcile credits.

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Identify and manage single risk share program items across the entire healthcare market.

InVita’s RiskControl is the first-ever clinical software that enables healthcare providers to proactively monitor and manage single risk items across an entire healthcare market. Packaged with WarrantyTracker, RiskControl combines TYRX database matching and system-wide analytics with InVita’s UDITracker® for tissue and implant management.

With cloud-based capability, RiskControl seamlessly tracks medical device warranties, eligibility, and claims, making it easier for healthcare providers to recoup revision and readmittance costs. By radically simplifying the risk-sharing process through automation and traceability, RiskControl generates more meaningful ROI and predictive warranty returns and reduces financial and administrative hurdles.

WarrantyTracker is the only automated warranty claims solution – from device identification to credit application.