Connecting people to your life-saving and life-changing mission.

The demand for blood products is recurrent, rare, and sometimes unpredictable.

InVita supports the complex needs of blood collectors by linking them to the right product from the right person at the right time… even if the timing is urgent.

With integrated modules, access to pertinent information – like scheduling, delivery tracking, and donor recruitment – is readily available. Visibility of real-time data helps operations run smoothly, allows for faster decision-making, and creates more time to focus on what matters most: helping, saving, and changing lives.

Explore InVita's blood & plasma management product suite.

HemaConnect is the market-leading donor recruitment and engagement CRM and the only integrable solution for blood management.

HemaCollect is the only staffing and mobile drive management solution to fully address complex scheduling and staffing at all levels.

HemaControl is the industry’s only fully-integrated inventory management, demand planning, and hospital ordering system that also provides real-time GPS tracking of all orders, transfers, and returns.

HemaComply–Lab Manager makes guidance compliance easier and supports LVDS, Pathogen Reduction, and 7-day platelets.

HemaComply-Equipment Manager’s mobile-first design delivers more efficient equipment QC and readily available reporting, and is also fully-integrated with the full suite of InVita blood management products.

With BloodHub, blood supply actors have the visibility, integration, and accountability they need to achieve order fulfillment and cost containment objectives every time.

Graphic depicting 32M donations.

32 million donations have been made through HemaConnect.

Graphic depicting 850k shifts scheduled.

850,000 employee shifts have been scheduled in HemaCollect.

Graphic depicting 96M Blood Products.

96 million blood products are managed by InVita products.

Graphic depicting 2M QC Test Results.

2 million QC test results reported and 612,000 platelets qualified.

Our software connects people to current information, ensuring the availability of blood products at the right time.

Photo of finger touching holographic display icons.
Modules integrate to provide total visibility and control.

Our comprehensive modules can be used individually or as an integrated suite. Together, they leverage information from disparate areas of operations for easier management of compliance, quality, and cost. Data from hospital orders, staffing, mobile drives, donor recruitment, product QC and equipment maintenance is presented in tandem, so teams work in alignment.

Staff alignment to inventory needs and demand.
Real-time data and toggle views highlight the opportunities and issues that exist across your operations, empowering your staff at every location to make dynamic and proactive adjustments.
Photo of hospital staffer using tablet.

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InVita's integrable modules aggregate and organize key data to provide the full scope of your operations.