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Reliable counterfeit drug detection begins with a forensic, pharmaceutical LIMS designed to anticipate, prevent, and monitor criminal activity

Counterfeit drugs entering the supply chain pose a risk to consumers. PharmaDefense helps pharmaceutical companies prevent counterfeit drug incidents and solve legal defensibility problems in counterfeit drug testing. PharmaDefense compiles, analyzes, and disseminates forensic information, enabling them to anticipate, prevent, and monitor criminal activity. A standard laboratory information management system (LIMS) can only track non-technical data and general lab management information. A standard LIMS doesn’t support the technical data tracking, testing, and case management necessary for actual counterfeit drug investigations.


$75 billion a year is lost each year by pharmaceutical companies because of counterfeit drugs.

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Close the legal defensibility gap.

Easily tracks counterfeit drugs across regions and markets with processing and case review documentation, chain of custody reports, Curricula Vitae, and standard operating procedures.

Forensic intelligence for due diligence.

Enhances due diligence and suspicious activity monitoring with images and files, data comparisons, reports with link summaries, email notifications, and ad hoc dynamic queries and reports.

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Multi-company intelligence sharing.

Compiles, analyzes, and disseminates forensic information across multiple companies so all are in sync with the latest, consistent information to anticipate, prevent, and monitor criminal activity.

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Time-saving sample tracking solutions proven in Forensic DNA labs.

Keeping track of DNA, blood, and evidence samples from collection to analysis is a complex process. With InVita’s cutting-edge DNA and forensic sample tracking solutions, your investigation teams will be more accurate, efficient, and capable. By integrating LIMS systems and a deep understanding of the DNA process, our team can develop cross-jurisdictional ecosystems to ensure samples are delivered within chain-of-custody requirements between DNA and forensic laboratories, law enforcement, federal agencies, and hospitals. In collaboration with DNA labs and CODIS systems across the country, we develop custom, scalable solutions that increase labs’ daily case capacity and improve sample integrity.

Investing in us means receiving white glove service from the moment you begin to the moment the product is deployed, along with ongoing training and support.

PharmaDefense improves submission management and system integration to save time and money.