Photo of newborn babies feet with blood pricks.

Newborn Screening

Ensure all time-critical specimens are collected, tracked, and delivered efficiently to the lab.

When screening can prevent devastating conditions for newborns, specimen collection and tracking is time critical. Track-Kit™ is a secure, turnkey cloud-based system for state and jurisdictional newborn screening (NBS) programs. Track-Kit – NBS ensures every specimen gets tracked from collection to lab delivery.


150,000 SPECIMENS tracked each year from 200 hospitals across Ontario, Canada.

Photo of nurse reviewing hospital monitor for newborn baby.
Take action sooner.

Track-Kit – NBS provides transparency unmatched by other couriers by tracking individual specimens within each shipment. It allows hospital and lab staff time to locate and recollect specimens and prepare for large-volume deliveries. Track-Kit notifies hospital and lab staff of any delays.

Identify missing specimens.

Without Track-Kit, the lab screens whatever it receives, unaware if specimens are missing. Informing both the sender and lab, Track-Kit – NBS detects late and missing specimens earlier, and automates recollection while enhancing courier service.

Photo of doctors and graphic depiction of DNA strands.
Centralized data and global views.

Over 150,000 specimens are tracked each year from 200 hospitals across Ontario, Canada. Track-Kit – NBS gives labs global views to prepare for incoming volumes.

Time-saving sample tracking solutions.

Keeping track of DNA, blood, and evidence samples from collection to analysis is a complex process. With InVita’s cutting-edge DNA and forensic sample tracking solutions, your investigation teams will be more accurate, efficient, and capable. By integrating LIMS systems and a deep understanding of the DNA process, our team can develop cross-jurisdictional ecosystems to ensure samples are delivered within chain-of-custody requirements between DNA and forensic laboratories, law enforcement, federal agencies, and hospitals. In collaboration with DNA labs and CODIS systems across the country, we develop custom, scalable solutions that increase labs’ daily case capacity and improve sample integrity.

Investing in us means receiving white glove service from the moment you begin to the moment the product is deployed, along with ongoing training and support.

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Enables state lab recollection requests to be sent electronically to hospitals to expedite screening.