When you need to be as relentless as the demand for organ, eye, and tissue donation and transplantation.

When every second counts, there’s no room for delays or inefficiency.

Every successful organ, tissue, and/or corneal transplant requires real-time collaboration and synchronization across multiple healthcare and other organizations, often spanning hundreds or even thousands of miles. Racing against the clock in a dynamic, challenging environment, vast amounts of complex information must be quickly captured, shared, and analyzed so that mission-critical decisions can be made to enable the successful transplants that save and heal lives.

The innovative and award-winning iTransplantSM Platform from InVita is the world’s most advanced software platform for clinical management, logistics, communications, and analytics across the donation and transplantation ecosystem. Comprehensive and proven, interoperable, innovative and flexible, iTransplant enables nearly 75% of all organ, tissue, and eye transplants from deceased donors in the U.S., as well as across Canada, Australia, and Europe. Where iTransplant systems are implemented, donation and transplant have increased significantly.

And, we’re just getting started. Our commitment to ongoing innovation is unmatched, as we update our platform on a frequent basis with new features, tools, and advancements. 

With our iReferralSM Automated Donor Referral technology, we’ve eliminated the inefficient initial donor referral phone call by automating the very first step in the donation-transplant workflow, and our uniquely integrated and HIPAA-compliant iTxAppSM allows instant information sharing and collaboration across the donation-transplant spectrum. Our dedicated and superior technology empowers donor hospitals, organ procurement organizations, tissue banks, eye banks, transplant centers, labs, and others to share mission-critical information in real-time so that faster and better decisions can be made and more lives can be saved and healed.

Configurable and customizable with robust, proven architecture, iTransplant has flexible implementation options tailorable for diverse organizational structures and specific governmental regulations and requirements. It can serve as the master operational and clinical workflow system within a single organization, within a network of multiple organizations, or as the national system serving an entire country.  iTransplant provides the critical foundation that makes possible a transparent, standardized and quality-driven process for donation-transplant so that performance can be optimized and more lives saved and healed.

Connecting donation and transplant like never before.

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The world’s leading Donation-Transplant software.

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The first and only truly automated donor identification and referral platform – securely and instantly delivering every potential donor opportunity to our clients.

HIPAA-compliant, secure and integrated with the iTransplant Platform, our iTxApp empowers our clients with instant collaboration across organizations and seamless access to clinical, logistic, and other information – all to enable faster communication and better decisions.

Graphic depicting 75% of donations.

75% of U.S. organs from deceased donors are managed by iTransplantSM.

Graphic depicting 20-80 Hours saved per month.

By automating the donor referral process, iReferralSM saves ICUs up to 80 hours per month.

Our iTransplantSM Birth Tissue System enables a data-driven paradigm shift for birth tissue acquisition agencies.

Solutions to meet the relentless demand for transplants.

Decision–support, analytics, and tracking throughout the donation-to-transplant process.

InVita software streamlines organ procurement with real-time collaboration. We enable powerful interoperability across the donation-transplant field, providing a backbone of electronic medical record, analytics, communications, and logistics tracking systems.

Getting the most out of our products begins with defining your challenge, exploring potential issues, and seeking technical assistance.

Automation and speed for critical organ, tissue and eye donation-transplant pathways.

InVita’s iTransplant Platform and related solutions automate mission–critical processes, reduce errors and delays, and expedite key decisions and communications across the donation–transplant spectrum.

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Transparency, standardization and optimization.

The flexible and configurable architecture of our iTransplant Platform allows us to support individual organizations, collaborative networks and entire nationwide systems.  iTransplant is unparalleled in its ability to ensure transparency, standardization and optimization of resources – all to maximize the donor gift for organ, tissue and eye transplantation.

InVita creates world-class products for complex health, forensic, and public safety environments.