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Meeting the intricate staffing and scheduling needs of mobile drives and collection centers doesn’t have to be a challenge.

HemaCollect is the only staffing and mobile drive management solution capable of fully addressing complex scheduling and staffing at local, regional, and national levels. With HemaCollect, blood centers of all sizes can adapt and stay competitive in an ever-changing world and optimize inventory and donor data for improved efficiency across a collection operation, region, or enterprise.


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Mobile app puts CRM power in the palm of your hand.

InVita’s white label iOS and Android apps enable staff to stay current on all aspects related to mobile drive scheduling regardless of their location. Using a smartphone or tablet, staff have access to the latest details, information on the shift, drive and location, push notifications for updates, and geotargeting for last-minute marketing. Employees can check their schedules, access the trade board, request PTO, and access their user profile at any time. Integration with Google MapsTM allows staff to easily navigate directions to the drive.
Efficiency Across the Board
Leverage the latest information on staffing, inventory, and donors to improve efficiency across a collection operation, region, or enterprise.
Visibility & Standardization
Visibility, Standardization Comprehensive calendars make it easy to toggle through staff schedules and standardize staffing processes at all levels.
Current Information & Access
From any device, staff can manage mobile drive details, access schedules and driving directions, and receive instant notifications sent to entire drive team.
Graphic depicting 850k shifts scheduled.

850,000 employee shifts have been scheduled in HemaCollect.

Graphic depicting 100k mobile drives booked.

100,000 mobile drives booked, and 437,000 center days scheduled.

Collect, test, and deliver blood products... easily.

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Blood collection is complex with many changing demands.

Software that centralizes information and changes in real-time is necessary. We support blood collection efforts at every step. Designed to be your most trusted partner, our products and services give you the tools you need to focus on what you do best – meeting patient, hospital, and community needs.

You can recruit, manage, and care for donors with InVita’s products, whether as an all-in-one system or as standalone modules. A comprehensive range of product features eases work pressure and increases efficiency. Utilizing your team’s time will enable them to better serve donors and communities. The right software makes meeting hospital demand on time a reality.

HemaCollect's mobile-first design reduces paperwork and improves accuracy by ensuring staff availability.