Enhancing patient safety while saving time and money.

Fewer gaps in the implant supply chain means less waste – both in time and resources.

We make critical processes work better so you can work better, too. InVita’s fully-integrated platform has the power to connect people to the information they need – such as inventory, warranty, and compliance documentation ­– while automating and streamlining processes to improve efficiency. Not only does this enhance your bottom line, but it creates a better work environment and improved patient safety.

Explore InVita's tissue & implant management product suite.

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Implant360 provides a holistic perspective of operations for reduced spend and improved compliance.

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UDITracker® automates lifecycle management of implants, improves operational efficiency, and reduces spend.

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WarrantyTracker™ identifies eligible devices, executes credit processes, and ensures claims are submitted correctly.

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$200,000 in expired/lost tissue grafts was written off annually by one customer before InVita.
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320,000+ unique tissue and implant devices are managed by InVita’s software.

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70% – 80% reduction in time to access and submit warranty claims and reconcile credits.

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3.2 million product recalls identified and communicated.

InVita software connects people, information, and processes for improved efficiency and reduced hospital spend on implants.

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Streamline lifecycle management of medical implants.
InVita’s platform manages tissue and implants throughout the entire lifecycle, automating processes each step of the way. Gaps in the implant supply chain are closed and loss and waste avoided – all contributing to a significant impact on your bottom line.
Automated processes = efficiency & compliance.

InVita’s implant management solution captures data that drives staff efficiency. UDITracker meets and exceeds compliance standards set by The Joint Commission (JCAHO), Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

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Key integrations ensure accuracy, patient safety, and cost control.

UDITracker integrates EHR, MMIS, and other vital data that drive optimization and significantly reduce the need for manual data entry. Barcode scanning technology and data from device manufacturers and the FDA global UDI database automate the flow of information and ensure accuracy.

UDITracker helped Reston Hospital automate inventory management processes.