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Automated patient and unit testing.

Reliable. Innovative. Easy to use. BloodRelay is a web-native application that increases staff productivity through automated IRL workflows, including patient and sample management, testing, result interpretations, and hospital report generation. BloodRelay integrates directly with BloodHub for greater operational control.

Automated process controls built to grow with your IRL.


Blood Establishment Computer Systems (BECS), an FDA Class II medical device.

Automates Reference Lab (IRL) workflows, patient and sample management, testing, and reporting.

100% paperless communication of IRL reports.

Simplify your IRL so you can focus on patient care.

Enhance staff productivity with BloodRelay.

Reduce errors and promote seamless order entry and patient report transmission through BloodRelay’s two-way integration with BloodHub. BloodRelay’s bi-directional communication with BloodHub maximizes staff productivity, helping to streamline efficiencies and cost containment.

Tools to efficiently process growing numbers of orders, inventory, and billing transactions.

Gain access to InVita’s Single Point of Service portal for enterprise level automated order forwarding.

Balance distance, time, and cost with intelligent routing options, for online transparency and accountability.

Plug billing leaks by bringing more efficiency to invoice reconciliation.

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