Eye Banks
Photo of child with eyesight impaired.

Having the right resources can make all the difference when every second counts.

The relentless demand for transplants requires software, but finding reliable tools for collaboration and secure data transfer can be challenging. Would it be valuable to your staff to complete critical tasks more quickly while sharing secure data seamlessly across your ecosystem? Through a convenient and online ordering platform, InVita’s iTxDonor facilitates the recovery, processing, and distribution of cornea, sclera, and other ocular tissue to Corneal Transplant Surgeons.

More than 15,000 medical professionals use our solutions at over 150 donation and transplant agencies worldwide. With the integration of electronic medical records, analytics, communications, and logistics tracking, an ecosystem is created to make tissue transplantation and research easier.

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When every second counts, there’s no room for delays or inefficiency. iTxDonor saves time and lives.