Why InVita?

InVita Health is a partner in compliance, patient safety and sustainable supply chains. We create holistic software platforms that empower organizations.

Welcome to InVita Healthcare Technologies. InVita provides chain of custody software technologies for complex medical, forensic and community care environments. Our solutions optimize supply chains, sample tracking, and visibility across blood and plasma operations, the tissue and implant lifecycle, and environments spanning DNA and forensics. InVita’s solutions support increased compliance and cost control, reduced risk, and improved patient and public safety outcomes.

Our customers choose InVita for the experience – be it the ease of use of our software platform, the efficiency our solution brings to their day-to-day workflows or the benefits of improved patient safety and reduced cost. They also choose us for the support experience we provide each step of the way. Providing customers a personalized service experience is our mission, and also the #1 reason customers stay with us for the long term.

Our platforms provide organizations with line of sight into their operations and opportunities for efficiency, cost control and greater resilience.

Why InVita?

Rapid Rollout & 100% Remote Implementation. In response to changing environments, we provide a Rapid Rollout plan to assist blood centers, hospitals and other healthcare organizations in times of immediate need, and can provide 100% remote implementations to accommodate new mandates and safety concerns.

Training. InVita services include on-premise and remote training, conference calls, detailed technical manuals, step-by-step resource guides, video training and easy-to-follow setup and reference documents. We make it easy to learn and execute our platforms so customers can quickly get the most from our platforms.

Customer Engagement. Throughout the year, InVita Healthcare hosts events to ensure customers receive a significant return on their investment with us. Deep-dive user conferences and advisory panels focus on key integrations and features and include discussions for future roadmaps for development.


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