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InVita Healthcare Technologies Helps Blood Collectors Recruit, Schedule and Collect Convalescent Plasma Donations

27 August, 2020

BALTIMORE – InVita Healthcare Technologies, a leading software technology provider for complex medical environments, is offering expedited startup and deferred payment for its HemaConnect donor recruitment CRM. HemaConnect is the only industry CRM that can give hospitals and blood centers the ability to recruit for and collect convalescent plasma. The FDA’s August 23rd emergency use…

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InVita Healthcare Technologies Announces Strategic Partnership with Airspace Technologies

02 June, 2020

Baltimore, MD – June 2nd, 2020 – In response to the rapidly changing needs of hospitals nationwide for blood products amid the coronavirus pandemic, InVita Healthcare Technologies announces a new strategic partnership with Airspace Technologies to provide blood and plasma centers with time-critical delivery data for hospital partners. The breakthrough collaboration will give blood and…

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New York Blood Center Selects InVita Healthcare’s Enterprise Systems for Product Quality Monitoring and Equipment Quality Control

20 April, 2020

Baltimore, MD – April 20th, 2020 – InVita Healthcare Technologies (formerly HemaTerra Technologies), a leading software provider for complex medical environments including blood and plasma collection, announces that New York Blood Center (NYBC) has selected HemaComply-Lab and HemaComply-Equipment Manager to manage and standardize product and equipment quality control (QC) and compliance across the entire enterprise….

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HemaTerra Technologies, Champion Healthcare Technologies Rebrand as InVita Healthcare Technologies

04 March, 2020

Two leading solutions providers advancing healthcare technology for complex medical environments. Baltimore, MD – HemaTerra Technologies acquired Champion Healthcare Technologies in 2019 and is now rebranding the new entity as InVita Healthcare Technologies. The InVita brand combines industry-leading solutions for optimizing the supply chain performance of blood, plasma, tissue, implants, and others. More than 600…

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Announcing UDITracker 3.0

19 December, 2019

Champion Healthcare Technologies, a leading provider of tissue and implant management solutions since 2006, is pleased to announce UDITracker 3.0 and its new features, integrations, and controls. UDITracker 3.0 is a modern and automated platform for managing even the most complex tissue and implant operations. Among the many benefits are: An inviting user experience that…

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