Sample tracking software for forensics and healthcare to reduce risk & save valuable time

InVita’s comprehensive DNA sample tracking and lab management software maximizes processing and minimizes risk. Our customers are federal, state, regional and local agencies, including many of the largest forensic DNA labs in North America.

Sample tracking solutions to reduce risk and save valuable time.

InVita software delivers sample tracking solutions for forensics and healthcare. We help laboratories, agencies and hospitals meet performance, transparency and compliance goals.

Integrated system for efficiency & compliance.

InVitas solutions integrate with each other and with our customers’ existing systems, allowing data to flow seamlessly between labs and agencies, reducing the need for duplicate data entry and increasing end-to-end value.

Exclusive focus on sample tracking, scalable to fit all needs

Our solutions are highly scalable to meet the mission-critical needs of any jurisdiction – to track samples for one laboratory or hospital – or across a city, state, or country.

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STACS Casework
Extend your current LIMS with a DNA module that employs a deep knowledge of DNA lab processing.
STACS Database
The leading DNA database sample tracking software in North America.
Track-Kit for Sexual Assault Kits
The leading system for tracking sexual assault kits statewide to meet legislative and transparency responsibilities.
Track-Kit for Newborn Screening
Track every specimen from hospital to lab across your state to prevent devastating delays.

Used by over 700 hospitals, health systems, labs, blood and plasma centers