First All-Inclusive Inventory Management System Used by Carter BloodCare

HemaTerra Technologies announced that Carter BloodCare has purchased and will pilot the first implementation of HemaControl. HemaControl is the only comprehensive inventory management system in the blood industry that combines data from demand forecasting, collections planning, productquarantines and outdates to get real-time inventory management that significantly reduces errors and limits outdates.

Carter BloodCare is the primary provider of blood components and serves more than 200 hospitals and healthcare facilities in 58 counties of North, Central and East Texas. It is the largest blood center in Texas, providing more than 440,000 units of blood components each year. “The reputation and high standards of Carter BloodCare made for an easy choice in selecting HemaControl’s first implementation site,” said Todd Collins, President and CEO of HemaTerra Technologies. “Carter BloodCare’s use of this broad system, coupled with the results that will be realized by automating manual processes, will be invaluable in reducing product outdates and improving blood utilization.”

“We are excited to be part of this pivotal innovation to the industry,” commented Dr. Merlyn H. Sayers, President and CEO of Carter BloodCare. “The vision and potential of HemaControl could literally change the way that we work and is certain to impact our ongoing efforts to improve inventory management and lower product costs.”

Previewed at this year’s AABB Annual Meeting & CTTXPO in Boston, HemaControl quickly became the topic of interest and discussion among blood center executives. “Product demonstrations and enthusiastic feedback continued the entire time we were in Boston,” continued Collins. “HemaControl is a user-friendly “open system” that is entirely configurable to specific blood center needs. It integrates with any operational system and enables blood centers to build multiple demand forecasting and collections planning scenarios to predict product inventory needs.”

A free (and optional) Online Hospital Ordering module is available with HemaControl, which allows a blood center’s hospitals to order blood products via the Internet. HemaControl tracks that order through the entire fulfillment process within the blood center’s operation. Changes made to any hospital order are automatically reflected within HemaControl, which instantly updates forecasted inventory. HemaControl combines the data necessary for accurate inventory management. It does so through automated processes that combine demand forecasts with collection planning, and includes product quarantines and outdates information. With its first implementation in the next 60 days, HemaControl will dramatically simplify the challenging task of inventory management and reduce the cost of blood products by limiting errors and outdates.