HemaComply-Lab Software Supports 7-Day Platelets

HemaTerra, a leading software provider for blood, plasma, and biologics, supports organizations with tools to manage the process required for extending platelets to 7 days and detecting bacterial contamination before transfusion. HemaComply–Lab, a complete Quality Management System, makes it easy for blood centers to track the platelet dating extensions, manage tests, and stay within the guidelines and best practices for the detection of bacterial contaminants. HemaComply–Lab successfully executes the configured tests and processes that can significantly impact platelet availability and lower costs.

HemaComply–Lab builds, tracks and monitors Quality Control Plans in real time and with successful execution. It supports all Statistical Process Control and non-SPC methodologies for product quality control, platelet qualification, cryo pools, and pooled platelets, among others. “Helping organizations get more from their resources and easily manage product quality control and platelet qualification is what HemaComply–Lab is all about,” said Simon Dawson, Chief Operating Officer of HemaTerra Technologies. “Keeping pace with the industry’s growing need for pathogen reduction, 7-day platelets, and other technologies helps ensure that we continue to provide cutting-edge tools to our customers.”

Like all HemaTerra products, HemaComply–Lab integrates to provide organizations with a broad view of their supply chain. Data from hospital order entry, demand planning, current inventory, product quality control, equipment maintenance, drive management, staffing, and donor recruitment is brought into view for complete supply chain management. Barriers in information are removed so the changes of one department can impact the needs of other departments.