HemaTerra’s Inventory Management System Selected by New Zealand Blood Service

HemaTerra Technologies was selected by New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) for its HemaControl inventory management system. HemaControl is an enterprise system that assembles collections and operations planning, real-time inventory, hospital ordering and recruitment data to close any “gaps” in operations, reduce cost, and maximize resources. HemaControl provides granular information, such as ABO blood type, product, device and location, and publishes that information to an integrated CRM for demand-based recruitment. The sprawling views of HemaControl are available on any computer or mobile device.

“Centralization of blood management processes is a major focus for NZBS,” said Trilby van Bree, National Manager Logistics of New Zealand Blood Service. “Our four main hub sites are each responsible for handling the needs of their respective regions – and collectively the entire country – HemaControl will let them share information and see their needs relative to that of the entire blood service. All of which has a significant impact on our ability to control costs and respond efficiently to changes in demand. HemaControl will help us pinpoint our exact needs, while conserving our costs to produce them. We look forward to a very productive relationship with the HemaTerra team and appreciate their innovations with this system”.

HemaControl’s planning tools provide demand and production planning views in any timeframe, making it easy to look back, peer forward, or focus on the day and intelligently make adjustments to meet the needs of the day, or the anticipated needs in the coming weeks. HemaControl gives blood centers complete control over their operations by forming a critical connection to hospital partners through online hospital ordering, and integrating with HemaConnect (donor recruitment CRM), so products are available when they are needed. Important decisions are made in a timely fashion because the information needed to drive them is readily available.

“We appreciate the confidence New Zealand Blood Service has placed with us,” said Todd Collins, president and CEO of HemaTerra Technologies. “It is symbolic of the industry’s readiness — both domestic and abroad — for a system that aligns resources and controls costs, from donor recruitment through product distribution. HemaControl was created in collaboration with some of the most visionary industry leaders around the world, and we look forward to enhancing our product further through collaborations with NZBS and by adding Features: to address their unique needs.”