Hospitals & Health Systems

For Hospitals and Health Systems, we provide leading-edge software that manages the full lifecycle of blood, plasma, tissue, and implants. InVita’s platform is used by over 600 hospitals and health systems.

Tissue, Implant & Explant Supply Chain Optimization

InVita’s solutions increase compliance, patient safety and cost control through integrations that ensure accuracy and boost efficiency throughout the chain of custody. Our software allows hospitals and health systems to manage tissue and implants throughout their entire lifecycle, automating processes each step of the way. Our solutions meet and exceed compliance standards set by The Joint Commission  (JCAHO), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Blood & Plasma Management

InVita’s Blood & Plasma management software connects people to information and processes, ensuring blood products are available at their time of need. Our integrated modules leverage information from key operational areas for visibility across the entire operation. Data from hospital orders, staffing, mobile drives, donor recruitment, product QC and equipment QC integrated into a single module makes it easier to manage compliance, quality and costs.

Newborn Screening

InVita’s Track-Kit Newborn Screening (NBS) software helps hospitals comply with mandated state and provincial NBS programs to screen every baby’s blood spot specimen for devastating but preventable conditions within a critical time window.

InVita Solutions for Hospitals & Health Systems

Blood & Plasma Management
Our suite of integrated modules ensures operations can order, recruit, collect, test and deliver the right product at the right time.
Tracking & Inventory Optimization
UDITracker® tracks Tissue and implants for compliance, patient safety and reduced spend.
Explant & Warranty Claims
WarrantyTracker™ provides visibility into the warranty claim process to identify recalls, take action and ensure patient safety.

Used by 600+ hospitals, health systems, blood and plasma centers

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