Integrated, Intelligent Text Messaging Drives Higher Appointment Show Rates for Blood and Plasma Collectors

HemaTerra, the leading software provider for blood, plasma, and biologics, reports that significant donor recruitment results are being achieved by blood centers using the new text messaging platform in HemaConnect. Released in March, the HemaConnect text messaging platform is the only integrated system to capture donor behavior, motivations, and preferences and then connect them to the broad information in the HemaConnect CRM. Together, the information becomes a powerful source for honing marketing outreach to get desired results and needed products.

HemaConnect enables blood and plasma centers to integrate donor information automatically into their text messaging strategy using a threefold approach:

  1. SmartText conversations with donors to make appointment reminders and searching for donation opportunities easier
  2. Behavior Learning to gain a deeper understanding of what motivates donors and to help guide messaging content
  3. Intelligent Delivery which times message deployment according to the time when donors are most likely to read them and respond.

HemaConnect’s text messaging Features: are helping blood and plasma centers drive donations in innovative ways and communicate with donors at the right time to get the products they need. Automatic conversations are guiding donors to the best opportunities and increasing appointment show rates. “HemaConnect’s SmartText Features: have made a definite impact on our marketing success,” said Theresa Pina, Vice President of Operations at Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. “Our appointment show rate rose nearly 35 percent after we incorporated the texting reminder program.”

Exclusive SmartText conversations are ultra personalized so every interaction deepens the relationship with donors and helps to refine marketing messaging and delivery for better outcomes and true demand-based recruitment. Organizations of any size and even the most complex recruitment programs will benefit from the text messaging Features: and full communications power of HemaConnect.

Tirzah Zielinski, Director of Marketing for OneBlood, said, “Understanding how crucial texting is to our success, we needed a platform that could handle our volume, is easy to use, and at a great price point. With nearly 1.2 million texts sent through HemaConnect in the past month alone, we know we found the best solution.”

HemaConnect is the only scalable and integrated system capable of achieving significant results in donor marketing and recruitment. Leveraging its new text messaging platform, blood and plasma centers can learn from a donor’s journey and monitor points of engagement on which to base their donor marketing and recruitment. HemaConnect provides a path for guiding donors to needed products. It is the only CRM to connect the multitude of donor communications to a donor’s profile for personalize marketing and recruitment activities that get the best results.