InVita Steps Into the Future at 2022 Users Conference

In a much-anticipated event, nearly 150 blood industry professionals descended on Nashville, TN, this month with one word on their minds: innovation. Blood and plasma centers from around the U.S. gathered from November 8th- 9th at InVita’s 2022 Blood Management Users Conference. With an action-packed agenda, this future-focused event aimed to give attendees valuable insights and opportunities to share meaningful questions and feedback about the InVita product suite. And InVita did so with much success.

InVita President and CEO Todd Collins commented on the substantial turnout: “It was our largest by far. This is a great time to show how InVita will leverage all information flowing within our enhanced product ecosystem.” During his session, Collins fielded questions about the future of InVita, explaining how many enhancements, already in progress, including the recent acquisition of BloodHub, will pave the way for InVita to create exciting new opportunities for the industry.

The event also garnered presentations and break-out sessions from leading experts across the blood industry and InVita’s in-house subject matter experts. Mike Deming, Vice President & General Manager of Blood Management with InVita, was also among the leading presenters. “We’re excited to continue growing this community and bringing people together to advance the Blood and Plasma profession,” commented Deming. InVita COO, Simon Dawson, seconded this message while taking the opportunity during his session to share his take on how integrating InVita products with BloodHub products will benefit the industry and everyone involved.

Additional discussion around opportunities for the blood industry surfaced during a presentation led by InVita Software Specialist Jessie Reyes. In this session, Reyes detailed InVita’s laser focus on a future rich in new features and continuous investment, including InVita’s new HemaCollect Staff App.

Addressing Customer Needs — Roadmap Sessions

Finishing the conference on day two were concurrent Roadmap Sessions across InVita’s entire product suite. In each session, the InVita product team empowered attendees to learn about, vote for, and help prioritize top feature requests to enhance our users’ experience with InVita products.

Keynote Spotlight: Improving the Donor Experience

Ask yourself, what kind of experience will drive results? – Kerry Bodine

This year’s keynote presentation wowed attendees with its unique insights. At the keynote presentation, Kerry Bodine shared her insights on how blood and plasma centers can improve customer experience. As the co-author of Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business, and the CEO of Bodine & Co., a customer experience consulting firm, she has a wealth of knowledge on the topic. Her talk inspired blood center leaders to think about ways to make their donor experience more customer-centric. With a focus on innovation and identifying solutions and problem spaces, this session offered attendees a glimpse into how better customer experiences could transform the blood industry.