InVita’s HemaConnect Donor Engagement Module Rollout Leads 2022 Releases

InVita Healthcare Technologies announces the mass rollout of the HemaConnect 2.1 Donor Engagement module, marking the first release in several to come this year. Empowering InVita’s CRM users with the latest donor engagement resources, this release also includes automated marketing enhancements and new capabilities to support donors and collections staff.

By implementing multiple releases throughout the year, the latest resources can be adopted to elevate donor engagement and staff satisfaction experiences,” said Mike Deming, VP and General Manager of InVita’s Blood Management division. Our latest donor engagement toolsreferral program, social teams, and milestone contribution badgeswill help blood centers recruit and retain hardtoreach donors, especially younger donors. Enhanced donor surveys will help our customers to collect the information they want and need to stay informed on the insights provided by donors.

Capturing feedback from younger donors are vital to refilling the gaps due to an aging donor base and disruptions in collections emphasized by the recent public health emergency. In April, InVita held a donor focus group to facilitate a voice of the donor discussion. The results were inspiring and will be discussed during an InVita Summit in May among blood center leaders from around the country.

Our product team is currently working on the next release, HemaConnect 2.1.1 which will provide muchanticipated benefits in the areas of campaigns, text messaging, and improved donor care.

The HemaConnect CRM leads the industry and uniquely integrates with InVita’s other blood management products for hospital order entry, demand planning, current inventory, staffing and drive management, product quality control, and equipment maintenance. Learn more about InVita’s integrated suite of products here.