LifeSouth Goes Live on InVita’s HemaCollect

InVita Healthcare Technologies, the leading provider of software technologies for blood centers, hospital blood banks and plasma collectors, announces LifeSouth Community Blood Center’s (LifeSouth) successful implementation of HemaCollect.  HemaCollect is an industry-leading collection staffing and mobile drive management solution capable of fully addressing complex scheduling and staffing at local, regional and national levels.  With over 140 hospitals and 43 EMS Service Locations across four states, LifeSouth is one of the largest U.S. blood centers. 

InVita’s HemaCollect is the industry’s first web-enabled drive management and staff scheduling system that empowers recruiters, administrators, and collections staff with visibility across their operations. The system’s comprehensive calendar supports staff management across collection operations, regions, or the entire enterprise. The HemaCollect Staff App is an industry-first that allows collection staff access to their schedules, drive locations with GPS directions, as well as the ability to trade shifts via HemaCollect’s proprietary Trade Board. HemaCollect’s Schedule Equity options assist blood centers with the difficult task of maintaining collection staff schedule equity across the organization.  

“As a large, multi-state blood center, managing and staffing an operation of this kind is incredibly complex. We’re excited about HemaCollect’s capabilities that can help us manage schedule equity and the potential of adding HemaCollect Staff App to provide schedule flexibility and help us with staff retention,” said Christine Medina, Director of Recruitment and Retention, LifeSouth.  

LifeSouth is the 22nd blood center to go-live on HemaCollect. Three of the top ten largest blood centers in the United States now actively use HemaCollect to manage collection staff and operations.   

“HemaCollect replaces an almost 20-year-old legacy product that was tightly integrated with nearly every blood center’s operations and reporting. This was a significant challenge. I want to thank all the blood centers whose feedback and guidance helped us create a product that could stand up to that challenge,” said Todd Collins, President & CEO of InVita. “HemaCollect is a good product today. We will build on this success and make it a great product by continuing to work closely with LifeSouth and others to identify and prioritize many new features and integrations. We thank LifeSouth for their commitment to HemaCollect and their partnership with InVita.” 

About InVita Healthcare Technologies |
InVita is the preeminent mission-critical software solution the enables blood centers, hospital blood banks, and plasma centers to provide patients in need with the right product from the right donor at the right time. From donor recruitment through product delivery, our solutions provide end-to-end visibility of operations, improve compliance, and eliminate paperwork so staff can focus on their mission. InVita has offices in Baltimore, MD; Jacksonville, FL; Lake Zurich, IL; Los Angeles, CA; USA, and Ottawa, ON, Canada.  

About LifeSouth Community Blood Centers |
LifeSouth is a non-profit community-based blood bank serving more than 140 hospitals in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. Committed to making sure blood is available at local hospitals in times of need, LifeSouth has more than 30 donor centers, 50 blood mobiles and 2,000 blood drives a month.