Rare Blood Breakthrough: HemaControl and HemaConnect

HemaTerra Technologies has expanded the connection of data between hospital order entry, inventory, and recruitment to provide blood centers with greater efficiencies that will benefit patients in need of rare blood units. By using the integrated power of HemaControl and HemaConnect, bloodcenters can substantially ease the costly and laborious process of fulfilling rare unit orders.

Connecting inter-departmental data is essential to ensuring compliance, supporting safe products and procedures, and to meeting the needs of patients. HemaControl and HemaConnect bridge that inter-departmental data gap so information is in one view and, in just a few clicks, blood centers can search their inventory for compatible products, identify products as test candidates, drive recruitment efforts, and instantly connect with compatible donors to request a donation.

From the acknowledgement of a hospital order, blood centers can initiate a rapid scan of current inventory or review recommended units for further testing. They can start the donor recruitment process, as well as begin importing procedures. HemaControl and HemaConnect also drive information to FrontDesk, HemaConnect’s front-end donor center manager, and to the native mobile donor app, making it easier to get instant messaging to compatible donors and alert the collection staff of rare donor needs for that day.

“Connecting multi-departmental data and bringing it into one central view is the only way to ensure effective management of a supply chain,” said Todd Collins, president and CEO of HemaTerra Technologies. “Blood centers that seek out and adopt integrated products, like HemaControl and HemaConnect, will be the winners in our changing market environment.”