Record-Setting Adoption of First-Ever Integrated Equipment Manager

HemaTerra, a leading software provider to blood centers, plasma collectors, hospitals and medical facilities, announces that HemaComply–Equipment Manager is its fastest-growing system to date. HemaComply–Equipment Manager was released in 2016 to address the high-volume needs of daily QC, equipment preventative maintenance, and asset calibration. Development partners and early adopters are already reaping the value of this easily implementable system. Quick start-up, reliability and affordability add to its appeal.

HemaComply–Equipment Manager addresses the full spectrum of equipment and asset maintenance needs. The system ensures that schedules are met, alerts are addressed, and that an organization is in compliance. It also shares important information that impacts operational areas through the integration of other HemaTerra systems. Donor recruitment, hospital order entry, inventory management, and product quality control can be integrated so assets being removed from service are implemented fully across a supply chain.

Industry partners and the need to connect inter-departmental data guided the design, development and support of HemaTerra systems. Recent advances include: rare donor and antigen-negative inventory, HemaConnect FrontDesk, pathogen reduction, reagent QC and testing, as well as donor conversion and mobile app tie-in.

HemaTerra is the only software provider to integrate the results of daily QC testing, preventative equipment maintenance tasks, and asset calibrations with other key operational areas of organizations. “Sharing the results of important actions throughout the supply chain is the only way to maintain fluidity and adaptability in operations, and control overall costs,” said Todd Collins, President and CEO of HemaTerra.