Sexual Assault Kit Tracking

Track-Kit SAK

Track-Kit is a secure, cloud-based, turnkey system for jurisdictions that must meet legislative requirements to track all sexual assault kits (SAKs) from collection to reporting. Tracking SAKs statewide to meet compliance and transparency responsibilities, Track-Kit is easy to implement and user-friendly for thousands of diverse users, including survivors.


  • Start-to-finish sexual assault kit and inventory tracking to deliver accountability, transparency and information-sharing among all stakeholders
  • Turnkey solution, not just software – includes scaling, end-user training, and supporting thousands or tens of thousands of users
  • Cloud-based system with comprehensive security features to ensure user privacy, secure storage and business continuity
  • Highly configurable for quick deployment and to meet diverse state requirements
  • Secure portal for each user – medical facility, law enforcement agency, laboratory, outsourcing/private laboratory, prosecutor, compliance oversight team, policy (admin) center, kit distributor, and, most importantly, the survivor

Designed to meet jurisdictional requirements and make rollout easy for the IT Department.
Unlike systems built for a single state, Track-Kit is highly configurable for fast implementation and includes a full suite of premium services – including live training, hosting, and ongoing support for tens of thousands of users.

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Tracking Sexual Assault Kits is crucial for accountability and transparency.

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